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L’OREAL Paris Review

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I received this product from Influenster free for testing purposes

It’s time for another product review!  Influenster sent me L’Oreal Paris brands new Smooth Intense line of products to test out and let all of you know if it’s the new must have or simply another let down for those of us with some crazy locks.

First thing is first: L’Oreal’s description.  This line is intended for those of us who straighten or other wise damage our hair with flat irons and blow dryers regularly (check) and have unruly or frizzy hair (check).  They say the new Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight line can protect your hair and leave it full, soft and smooth for 48 hours when using the complete system and say that it will never leave your hair looking dull or limp.  Ok, so we’ve all heard that before and if you’re like me and color your hair regularly (this includes every color under the rainbow) then products like this can be nerve-racking.  Color can be so delicate when using new cleaning products on your tresses that trying anything that’s not time-tested after a color can be as stressful as life or death.

Let me give you a little insight as to my hair situation.  I’ve been coloring my hair for about 9 years and regularly curl, flat-iron, blow dry, and all around destroy my hair.  Currently it’s dyed red and I just got my roots done a few days ago so you can imagine my nervousness about trying a new shampoo that’s not specifically for color.  I also work at a dry cleaners so it’s about as hot and humid as a Florida vacation in the middle of the summer and my hair feels the elements every bit as much as the rest of me so frizz is a major issue for me.  I also have a few chunks of hair that (since I cut it shorter) wants to be curly while the rest wants to hang limp.  (Yeah, I’m that dork who, on the rare occasion that I run out early int he morning before dolling myself up, looks like she just lost a fight to a very large fan with her head.)  So…on to the product.

So I tried the complete system yesterday.  First I shampooed, which left my hair feeling extremely soft compared to my normal shampoo.  Simple enough.  Then I used the Pre-Conditioner which, as instructed, I left on for about a minute and then, without rinsing, added the conditioner and let it all sit on for about 4 minutes, or the length of time it took me to suds up and wash my face.  Then I rinsed.  I know wet hair can feel deceiving, but I was shocked at how smooth it felt compared to the regular split end feeling I usually have.  (That feeling kind of like horse hair that’s layered.)  This was much nicer.  I tied my hair up in a towel (like all girls do that men just can’t ever seem to replicate) and let it dry a bit while I dressed.  I pulled off the towel and added a dime size amount of Straight Perfecting Balm.  (A dime size is what the bottle says and obviously we women never use that amount so I gt as close as possible.  I have shoulder length-ish hair and it was plenty so I highly recommend trying to stay as close to the dime size as possible.)  I pulled out my handy-dandy blow dryer from 1900 and went to down.  Usually I let my hair air dry over night and fixing it in the morning but I had an event to go to so I figured I’d try to look presentable.  So I took the (unbearably hot) 30 minutes to blow it out trying to section off chunks instead of just drying it with my head hung upside down like I usually do.  I was shocked at how well it turned out.  My hair felt smooth and had minimal frizz (I don’t use combs or roll brushes when drying just my hands which probably caused the small amount of frizz that I noticed) and it looked great.

The one thing I did notice right off the bat was a slight dull to my new color, but that may have been from the blow dryer and the fact that it was still slightly damp.  However, and this is a HUGE however, I let my hair go the 48 hours without washing it again.  Now, maybe it’s just me or my work conditions, but I can’t ever go a day without washing my hair.  It looks and feels greasy and any product I do use (including dry shampoo) just seems to make it worse and the Straight Perfecting Balm had me assuming that the next morning would be a mess.  My hair was shiny but not greasy looking and soft to the touch the next morning.  It was still straight and didn’t have any extra frizz (which you girls like me who sleep like a person having a seizure know what I’m talking about) and it looked and felt like nothing was even in my hair.  I was shocked!  I’ve never been able to have hair like this before.  The Pre-Conditioner is a once a week regimen, which is nice because I’m not great with long drawn out beauty regimens so being able to have beautiful hair all week without having to follow the full 4 step process is awesome.

So here’s my over-all review of the L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Shampoo, Pre-Conditioner, Conditioner, and Straight Perfecting Balm:  If you have hair GO BUY THIS NOW!!!  I’m usually not easily impressed with most hair care products but L’Oreal Paris has really gotten something right with the Ultimate Straight line including the fact that it smells great too!  If you want your hair to look absolutely amazing (and for 2 days I might add) then seriously go buy this product!

* This product was sent to me by Influenster free for testing purposes.