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The Girl on the Corner

We are the hated ones,

The ones you steal, the ones you kill.

We are the beaten ones,

The ones you spurn, the ones you burn.

We are the dirty ones,

The ones you trash, the ones you bash.

We are the broken ones,

The ones you crush, the ones you flush.

We are the tortured ones,

The ones you berate, the ones that you hate.

We are the menial ones,

The ones you destroy, the ones you annoy.

We are the ugly ones,

The ones you love to push and shove.

We are the nasty, evil, little people,

Hanging low beneath the steeple,

Swinging high above you evil,

Nasty, dirty, selfish people,

Nose so high in the air,

Our wretched death is everywhere,

And when you see the hated ones,

You’ll know that death has just begun.

We are the ugly, broken beings,

The ones you tie on ends of strings.

We are the puppets, soulless, sad,

We’re still the best you’ve ever had.


I’m Disappearing

I knew who I was,

Confident, confused.

Speaking my mind,

Just to be used.

I knew my beliefs,

I trusted my soul.

Although I was empty,

I always felt whole.

I spent my days waiting,

For brighter anews.

Only to feel,

Once again used.

“The future is coming,”

I thought to myself.

Yet somehow my goals,

Ended up on the shelf.

“How do I fix this?”

I find myself screaming.

This isn’t the life,

That I see when I’m dreaming.

The empty’s absorbing,

What’s left of my being.

With every day passing,

I’m just disappearing.

The thoughts I once had,

Don’t feel like my own.

My soul has been hardened,

As if made of stone.

A sister, a daughter,

A wife, and a friend.

A beginning to something,

That won’t see an end.

I question my choices,

Second guess my decisions.

I’ve lost all my purpose,

Abandoned my missions.

Of the person I was,

Will any remain?

Or will I disappear,

Leaving nothing but stains?

Daily Routine

Wake, brush, dress, deodorize.

Socks, shoes, smoke, accessorize.

Red Bull, coffee, start the truck.

Shiver, freeze, kick off the muck.

Vape pen, jacket, lighter, keys.

Can’t wake up; no time to sleep.

Red light, red light, green light, go.

Three blocks down, one more to go.

Work and work and work some more.

Get off work; go to the store.

Bread and milk and eggs and smokes.

Pretend this life is just a hoax.

Groceries, puppy, kitty fed.

Let the wall contact my head.

Cook and smoke and sit and eat.

Shower, towel, sleep, repeat.

Run Over, Drug Down

I smoked a ciggarette,

Lit up the night alone.

Smoke filled the air,

Another rolling stone.

I breathed in deep,

As the weight fell strong.

No time to weep,

As I died alone.

I thought of the smiles,

The tears and the crimes.

The light faded slowly,

And thought of these rhymes.

Death was well suited,

I accepted it well.

I let it flow over,

And knew it was Hell.

I accepted it fully,

Knowing you had come too.

I took you down with me,

A final screw you.


So many times it’s been ‘yesterday’,

And too many times it’s been far away, so far away.

And today I’m gonna start to make a change,

And I won’t even lie, it’ll be derranged, just so derranged.

I’m feeling so sick in my time of need,

It’s time that I start to take the lead.

It’s my own dance as I spin and spin,

Out of control but I’m ready to win, I’m going to win.

I’m not ready to walk away,

Yesterday is over, it’s about today.

Sick to my stomach but I’m holding it in,

So sick of failing; I have to win, I’m going to win.


I Know This Girl

I know this girl,
The one I never mention.
She speaks with words that swirl,
with unending determination.
I know this girl,
She never goes without a smile.
She walks with every twirl,
And always goes the extra mile.
I know this girl,
Who looks older than she is.
She’ll conquer ever world,
Without the smallest frizz.
I know this girl,
She has a darker side.
She’ll never let you in her world,
And yet never run and hide.
I know this girl,
So complex and strange.
A never-ending mural,
So inflicting and deranged.
I know this girl,
Who I seem to have forgotten.
I miss her rushing whirl,
But time has made her rotten.
I know this girl,
Or maybe not.

Proud Of It

Didn’t grow up in the trailer park,
But I’m White Trash,

Damn proud of it, and I’m making that cash.

Makin’ Momma cry, but I know why, it ain’t how you live; it’s all about how you die.

I could take the time and maybe straighten up, go to church, put on some make up, but it doesn’t really matter; you all know what I mean, ’cause every day that goes by is a day away from your dream.

I didn’t come from any money but my daddy sure did, such a shame he traded dreams for a brown paper bag…

He’s drowning deep in the bottle and every day I wake up is another day that I oughta,

put him out of his misery, thanking me for delivering him to the afterlife away from his shitty life.

It’s just too bad such a public service wouldn’t be embraced, it’d be deserted by those with their claims to fame and their sparkly┬ánames with all the glitz and the glamour that they’re blinded to the hammer slamming down on society, reality is it’s just too good to be me, it’s my destiny.

Didn’t grow up in a trailer but I’m White Trash, proud of it, gonna make something outta nothin’ in the darkness it’s bliss.

Didn’t grow up in a trailer but I’m White Trash, proud of it.