Another Day At Work Part 2 (Adult Content)

She laid against her desk, unable to move.  The weight of him pushed up against her held her motionless, her arm twisted behind her, her other arm caught between her and the desk.  She could feel his heartbeat in her back as he pushed his face against her ear. 
“Don’t pretend.  You know you’re going to love this,” he growled.
She heard his zipper being pulled down and then felt her jeans being torn down, the sound of ripping fabric filling the room.  Her breath hitched and her heart raced. She wanted so desperately to say no, but she wanted to scream yes.  She couldn’t move, and beneath her fear she reveled in it.
He kicked her legs apart and felt the chill of the air hit her wet pussy.  His fingers groped between her legs and suddenly they were inside her.
“You’re so wet.  I knew you wanted this.”
Her legs twitched as his finger swirled around her clit and she began to moan.
“Did I say you could speak?” He snapped at her.  She bit her lip to stop the sound as he pushed harder against her.  He pushed so hard that she felt her hip bones slam into the desk and her eyes started to water.
“Now you want to cry?” he cooed in her ear.  “I’ll fucking give you something to cry about!” He reached behind her and she felt her him slam into her, his cock filling her instantly and she cried out in pain and pleasure. 
“I didn’t say you could speak!” he barked as he slammed harder and harder into her.  She tried to keep quiet but each thrust brought another moan to her throat.
“Please,” she whimpered but he cut her off.
“Please what?  You want more?  Take it bitch!” he growled at her as he pushed harder and deeper.  She felt her hips bounce off the desk and back into him as he put all his weight on top of her.  Her face still smashed into the keyboard as he held her head still. She pushed harder and harder and her legs quivered.  She felt the pressure building in her pussy each time his cock filled her deeper until finally it was too much and she let out a scream of ecstacy.
“Please,” she panted.  Could she handle any more?  She didn’t know, but part of her wanted to find out.
Her legs shook as he slammed one last time and held deep inside her.  He exhaled deeply as he slowly slid out of her. 

To be continued …


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