Another Day At Work (Adult Content)

She got to work like any other day, put her purse in her desk and sat down to begin her day. No one else was there yet; she’s an early bird searching for her worm.  The quiet hum of the computers filled the room until the loud thud of a door closing echoed against her ears.  She didn’t know who it was and her mind quickly raced.  No one should be here yet so who could it be?  The sun wasn’t even out yet and it would be at least an hour before the first of her coworkers would be arriving.
A quiet “hi” arose behind her before she could register that a person was standing next to her. A familiar voice she had heard so many times before.  She turned quickly to see him standing there.  Why was he here so early?   He shouldn’t be here. She felt goosebumps start to rise on her skin but she couldn’t find the words to explain why they were there. 
“Hi,” she replied softly. “Good morning,” she continued as she turned to face him. He was so close she could feel his breathe on her skin.  She wanted to move back but was cornered between him and the desk.  He towered over her.  He was all she could see.
“I’ve watched you, but you already knew that.  You’ve seen me, caught me even,” he smirked as he stared into her. She could feel his eyes burning into her. She was scared and felt her body tensing. Her stomach tightened and she felt a tingling sensation between her legs. What could he want?  Why was he here?  She knew he had watched her before, trying to stare at her before she caught him. His eyes had wandered each time she had spoken to him before.  She felt his stare when she had turned away from him then.  Now there was nowhere to turn.
“What would you do …” he started slowly as he reached for her hair.  He brushed it away from her face and she recoiled from his touch. His hand was warm but she knew this wasn’t right.  The tingling between her legs got more intense and she couldn’t explain why.  She tried to think of something to say but her mind was racing and no words could escape her lips.  She knew he was no stranger to this and her heart pounded. 
“What would you do if I took you now,” he said quietly. His voice was soft but his eyes burned into her and she knew there was nowhere to go.  He was stronger than her; she didn’t stand a chance.  What if she said no?  Would it matter?  Did she even want to say no?  Her head said she did but the feeling between her legs said otherwise.  He brushed her cheek with a heavy hand and this time she didn’t pull away.  Her eyes closed and she exhaled deeply.  His thumb brushed her lip as he held her face so small in his strong hand.  She could feel the insatiable testosterone fueled sexual rage radiating from him and it frightened her, but what scared her more was the want she now felt inside her.  What could she do other than let him do what he would with her?
“There’s nowhere you can go and no one to hear you,” he said as the smirk turned to a sadistic grin.  She focused on it and in a split second her had grabbed her hand, pulled her from her chair and positioned her against her desk.  He held her arm tightly against her back with his other hand gripped tightly in her hair holding her face down against the keyboard.  He was so quick that she didn’t have time to react.  She felt the pressure of him pushing behind her, felt the rise of his intentions against her ass.  She tried to let out a sound but all she could do was gasp.  She felt herself getting wet even though she knew it was wrong. She wanted to push away but the weight of him behind her kept her still. 
“You know you want this, you’re a tease.  You’re practically begging for it,” he whispered in her ear. 

To be continued …


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