How To Die Properly

Killing another human being is always portrayed as a lot of blood shed, weapons, and conscience binding memories.  I find this as, really, a huge misconception.  It’s unrealistic to think that killing is purely physical.  I feel that maybe we haven’t really looked into the many forms of murder.  So below I have attempted to truly explain how to die properly without blood shed or bodily harm.

To truly die one must first remove any and all emotion.  No happiness, no sadness, and no anger.  One must become completely monotone in their feelings.  Once this has occurred, the next step can begin.

Next you must remove any and all people who have any emotional connection to the person.  Removing all people will ensure the continued monotony of emotion as well as remove any outside determining factors, similar to doing a medical study.  All components must be controlled and by removing all emotionally connected people the control will continue.

Once all emotionally connected people are removed we can begin the third step, which includes removing hope.  This occurs by removing and ending all possible optimism in the future as well as current.  By removing all optimism the human brain will end hope without any further action needed by the host.  Ending the optimism can be simply achieved by removing all human contact both physical and electronic.  You als can remove all forms of entertainment which will be short work since emotion has already been removed.

The final step is to walk away and let nature do the rest.  Once all human interaction and emotion have been removed the human brain will do the rest, because without emotion, interaction, hope, and optimism, all that’s really left is a moving corpse.  And that’s the proper way to die.


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