The Truth Is…

…I don’t care.  I have finally come to a point in my life and I am happy.  I am getting older physically and mentally.  I am becoming more aware of the life around me.  I am seeing life through unclouded eyes and I understand what is important to me and what I care about.  I am full of curiosity and knowledge about what is my life and where it is going and where it will end.  I know I am getting older; my face shows it every day.  My back slouches a little more and my scowl line in my forehead becomes more distinct.  My eyes get worse and my nails get shorter.  The sun burns more and the wind stings harder.  I see the worlds problems more clearly and I know the answers.  I can fix anything that breaks in front of me and I can break anything in working order.  I am getting older mentally and physically and I see it everyday, but I’m ok with it.  I know that I will die, probably later than sooner.  I will miss the opportunities to tell those around me what I truly think of them.  I will forget the important messages to pass on to others.  I will remember too late the facts that I have created.  I will remember too soon the scrapes and bruises that left scars unable to be erased.  But I am happy.

Life is too miniscule to waste on meaningless facts that, in the end, don’t mean anything.  Life doesn’t matter because all we are doing each day that we wake up is dying.  Every day we die a little more.  Every day we learn to live a little more.  Death is life and without either all we are doing is taking up space.

I am happy because if life doesn’t matter then nothing matters and that’s just one more day to fill with enjoyable and meaningless moments.  If I’m going to die, I’m going to make a mockery of it because, why the hell not?  The truth is that nothing matters, in the end, so let’s make meaningless memories with meaningless laughs and meaningless scars that with remind us of the meaningless lives we will one day leave behind forever.  Nothing matters so let’s make some funny faces and flip the bird in every picture and start some fires under the asses of every uptight fuck that tells you this is important.  Let’s have some fun because the truth is that we are all dying every day that we take another breath.  Fuck the sadness, fuck the memories, and fuck the rules.  Let’s fight the time clock and punch pretty in the face.  Let’s cause havoc and start fires and break rules and stain this world red.  We’re all dying, so let’s start living like it, because the truth is … there are no truths, only what we create, so let’s create happy and fuck everything else!


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