Proud Of It

Didn’t grow up in the trailer park,
But I’m White Trash,

Damn proud of it, and I’m making that cash.

Makin’ Momma cry, but I know why, it ain’t how you live; it’s all about how you die.

I could take the time and maybe straighten up, go to church, put on some make up, but it doesn’t really matter; you all know what I mean, ’cause every day that goes by is a day away from your dream.

I didn’t come from any money but my daddy sure did, such a shame he traded dreams for a brown paper bag…

He’s drowning deep in the bottle and every day I wake up is another day that I oughta,

put him out of his misery, thanking me for delivering him to the afterlife away from his shitty life.

It’s just too bad such a public service wouldn’t be embraced, it’d be deserted by those with their claims to fame and their sparkly¬†names with all the glitz and the glamour that they’re blinded to the hammer slamming down on society, reality is it’s just too good to be me, it’s my destiny.

Didn’t grow up in a trailer but I’m White Trash, proud of it, gonna make something outta nothin’ in the darkness it’s bliss.

Didn’t grow up in a trailer but I’m White Trash, proud of it.


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