An Incessant Buzzing

Buzzing from all around the room.  The words indistinguishable, but floating through the air like a thick fog.  It’s closing in quick and all I can do is think to run.  Run away from all the sound, the quiet hum that’s too close for comfort.  That quiet hum that’s so calm it’s almost screaming.

The buzz gets louder and it’s so incoherent that it’s maddening.  That level of sound that you can feel vibrating in your skin like when you drink too much caffeine and don’t eat anything all day.  I can’t think straight with that buzz so close.  It’s over taking my brain and all I want to do is disappear from everything and everyone.  I want to escape this mind numbing dull sound that creeps in without warning.

I can see the mouths moving and the words seem to float like song lyrics but none of it makes sense.  It’s dribble washing over me and I’m suffocating under its heavy weight.  I can’t concentrate and I need to leave.  I need to run away to somewhere completely silent.  I can’t focus on anything but this numbing sound that’s killing me.  This buzzing is all around me and I can’t take it.

Everyone is smiling as the sounds escapes their lips, laughing and happy.  I can’t breathe and I need to get away.  Their smiles like sharp, shining teeth in the darkness ready to slam down on unsuspecting prey.  But that’s where they’re wrong.  I suspect it.  I know it’s coming.  I’m prepared.  My eye is on the door and any moment now I’ll make my escape before they attack.  Before they have the chance I’ll be long gone away from their incessant buzz.

They’re watching now.  They’re staring at me.  What did I do?  What did I say?  Do they know that I know?  Do they know that I know what they’re planning?  How could they?  I’ve stayed silent in the corner waiting for the moment I can slip away from their grasp.  Why are they staring?  What do they know?  That buzz is killing me.  I can’t take this anymore.  That’s it.  I don’t care if they see me.  I don’t care if they watch.  I’m leaving.  I’m running out that door and I don’t care if they see me.  I don’t care what they say.  Their planning.  I can hear it, feel it in their unending buzzing.  They’re doing this to me on purpose.  They know what they’re doing.  They’re trying to make me crazy.  They’re trying to kill me.  It’s intentional, the buzz.  The incessant buzzing.  I’m going.  Now.  I’m gone.  I’m escaping their claws.  They did this to me.  It’s their fault.  They did this with their teeth and their eyes and their smiles.  They are this never-ending, vibrating, thick buzz.  I’m out, I’m away, I’m gone.  I’m disappearing.  I won’t let them do this to me, this incessant buzz that’s trying to kill me.  I won’t let them kill me.


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