The Poor Thing

I’m going to go a little political here for a minute.

I read in the paper the other day that a dog attacked a child causing major damage to her face.  The judge opted to de-fanging, neutering, and caging the dog rather than euthanizing it and leaving it in a shelter until it dies because it won’t be able to ever be adopted out.

I don’t believe that dogs are bad or aggressive unless taught to be that way by their owners.  I’ve owned many dogs, some from puppies and others rescues.  My current dog was from the shelter.  His history was unknown but there were definite signs of abuse.  He never snapped or nipped at me, but he was very skiddish and had scarring from burn marks.

I love my dog to death, but I would never wish his isolation or surgical dismemberment no matter what he did.  Even if he attacked me, I would rather he be put down than stored away until his death like an inmate at a prison.

I also know how children are around animals.  They pick and pull and smother.  It’s not that kids are bad with animals, but they don’t understand how to properly handle an animal, especially a larger dog.  Perhaps in this case the child was a little aggressive with the animal causing it to attack in self-defense.  Maybe the child just spooked it.  No matter the case, animals are not evil, and unless a dog is treated badly, it rarely attacks.  Yet I see case after case just like this one in the news.

No matter what the situation is, an animal should never be locked away to die.  While I have sympathy for the child, I have more sympathy for the dog.  I grew up on an impromptu ranch, and I have had to put many animals down myself.  I would rather have to put an animal down than watch it suffer in a cage.

To the Judge I say shame on you.  You are being more cruel to this animal than if you were to put it down.  And to the family I am sorry for your child, however perhaps you shouldn’t be owning larger animals if you can’t control them or your children while in the same household.



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