Hypocritical Glitterazzi

So many people feel the need to judge others based on farces they have come to believe from other ignorant people who choose to run their mouths without first looking at the lives they have chosen for themselves.  I won’t lie, I have judged and will continue to judge others.  The difference is that I choose not to judge others without first looking at my own choices.

I have never judged another based on their personal intoxicant choices without first looking at my own demons.  I’ve smoked pot.  Let’s be realistic about it.  I would wager that 90% of America has tried marijuana.  It doesn’t make them bad people as long as they don’t let their needs and wants cause destruction to those around them.  If you want to toke after a hard day or to relax or for some medical reason then by all means toke away.  When it begins affecting your children or your home life, then you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

I have been judged based on the fact that I, as well as my husband, have smoked in the past by friends and family.  We recently received a call from a family member asking if we could get some for his father in law.

Let me make something perfectly clear.  Years ago my husband and I both decided that our careers and personal economic growth were more important that getting high, so we quit and never touched it again.  It was a personal choice that we felt was right for us.  we have no qualms with others who continue to smoke pot.

This family members wife harassed us and down graded us for years for smoking and hanging out with others who do.  Even when we quit we were always regarded as lesser people, white trash in her eyes because it was such a horrible thing to do.  She even attacked her husband verbally for his past marijuana use.  It’s a plant bitch!  Get over it!

About 2 years ago it came out that her parents have and continue to smoke marijuana.  They looked at pictures together as her parents would say things like, “I remember when we took that picture together.  We were so high.”  Since this bit of information has escaped, she is now completely comfortable with those who smoke and no longer condemns them.

She never took a look at her own life before judging us as trash.  On top of the whole situation, she made a complete left turn once it was her family.  Basically, in her mind, if it’s her or her parents then it’s ok, but if it’s anyone else then it’s the most despicable thing in the world.

So she felt that it was a good idea to jeopardize our futures for her own selfish needs.

Other than a rant, this post does have a purpose.  People need to realize that looking at the world with blinders on will only create a generation of ignorant people with no empathy for the choices or situations of others.  People judge others based on their own life experiences without looking at the experiences of others.  It’s similar to the Christian woman who chastises the rape victim for have an abortion, but when it’s her daughter the story changes.

People need to open their eyes to the world around them and try to see things from other points of view before opening their mouths.  I’m tires of ignorant people voicing one-sided opinions based on singular views and experiences.  We need to create a world of understanding.  Ignorance breeds ignorance and this family member is a perfect example of that.

Before you open your mouth, try to look at the full spectrum of views that could have led a person to the choice they made.  I don’t drink because my father was an alcoholic, and not a nice one.  I know that I am at risk for alcoholism based on genetics, so I choose not to drink in order to avoid any chance of dependency.  I don’t judge others for choosing to drink.  They didn’t have the same experiences that I did, therefore, their opinion on drinking is much different from mine.  I fully expect people to judge me for drinking Red Bull.  It’s my coffee and I drink one at least once a day.  Perhaps they had a child experience medical problems from drinking energy drinks, so their view on it is much different from mine.  However, because I have not had the experiences they had, I don’t see it the same way.  Those who choose to judge me for it should be understanding of that as I am of those who drink.

I’m not saying that we all need to just accept people as they are.  Pedophiles, murderers, drug addicts (and no, I don’t consider marijuana a drug), should not be accepted when their actions affect those around them in a negative way.  But people need to think before they open their mouths about things that they have no experience with.  They also need to stop being hypocritical of others when they themselves couldn’t pass judgement.  Don’t judge me because I do something and then say it’s ok because now your parents do it.  If it’s not ok for me to do it, then it shouldn’t be ok for your parents to do it.  And that can be translated into any situation.

So, with all due respect, fuck you who choose to judge me.  I have to sleep with my actions, not you.  So keep judging me because it’s you who will be kept up at night thinking about it while I am sleeping like a baby.  And for the record, I’ve never lost any sleep over any of you, so who is really on the loosing end of judgement?


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