I Won’t Apologize

I’m a Bitch.  And yes, I capitalized it for a reason.  I am.  I know that I am, and probably always will be, a Bitch.  I say things to people, in my concious mind, to make them think about what they believe and how they see the world.  But let’s be honest.  I (more often than not) say things to ruin people’s perception of the world around them strictly because I know that it will, to some extent, ruin their lives.  And the best (or worst, depending on your personal view) part about it is that it works.  It not only works, it works beautifully.  I can destroy a persons entire world view in one question.  I can tear their entire stability of mind in pieces and walk away leaving them questioning everything in their lives.  It’s fun.  I enjoy doing it and I won’t apologize for it.  Although it’s bad, it’s mean, it’s bitchy, I know that it works.  It makes people see things differently.  Ruining their life is a side effect of a much larger outcome. 

To me, it’s beautiful and thrilling when I look into someone’s eyes and see the fabric of their being slowly unravel because of me.  It’s what I live for.  I tear people down without them even realizing that I did it intentionally.  And I live for it.  I won’t apologize for it.  I won’t make excuses for it.  I break people.  I fuck with people.  I leave them in pieces on the floor without ever laying a hand on them.  I’m a Bitch because it works.  I’m a Bitch because it gets results.  I’m Bitch, and I won’t apologize for it.


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