Out of Control

I watch the smoke blow up my skirt from the boys spittin’ game in the bleachers, reachers, movers, and concievers, racin’ around like they don’t even see her.

Makin’ fakes, raise the stakes cuz I’m ready to move up, breakin’ ceilings made of glass takin’ names, kickin’ ass, gonna rock this city like I ain’t white trash.

Won’t forget where I came from, in the gutter fallin’ under, now I’m up and I’m ready to plunder, I’m the one and the only and there ain’t no other, ain’t your maid, ain’t your bitch, and I ain’t your mother.

I’m the one that you beg and you plead for, I’m a lady with class not the whore that you pay for, got a mouth like a trucker and a fist like a cannon, so fuck with me and I’ll send you packin’.

One step at a time and I’ll reach the top, and when I do then the bottles gonna pop, and when I fall, cuz you know that I will, I’m gonna get back up, make the world stand still.


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I'm the classiest motherfucker you'll ever meet. View all posts by Blue

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