Love and Sex

He grabbed her arm, tossed her on the bed, and looked despairingly at her.  He thought he was in control.  He knew what she wanted.  He felt it coursing through his body like electricity.  He knew what she craved, and yet he didn’t.  He began by holding her arms down out around her body, slowly climbing onto her.  His breath was heavy on her neck as he lowered down onto her, using his body weight to keep her motionless.  Her mind raced as he moved her arms above her head, readjusting himself to reach her hips.  As if taught an art, he unzipped her pants one handed quickly as if time was of the essence.  He raised his body and whipped her around to face the bed.  He knew she wanted this, knew she wanted him to assert his control.  He moved downward and ripped her pants down to her ankles taking her panties with them and lowered himself back on top of her, her hands still held motionless above her head.  

“You want this?” he whispered as he slowly removed himself bulging from his pants.  He gently pushed into the small of her back.  “You want this,” he said again.  “Tell me you want this,” the growl in his voice growing deeper.

“I want this,” she breathed.  Her heart racing and body pulsing.  His hand moved from his clear desire to between her legs.  

“Oh yeah, you want this.  You want this deep inside until it hurts,” he practically demanded.  His hand moved back up to her face that was now gently being pushed deeper into the bed.  He released her hands only to grasp her hair and tear her head up into the light above.  He slowly, forcefully rubbed his wet hand across her mouth until she instinctively opened her lips.

“Taste it.  See what I can make you do, taste what I do to you,” he whispered close to her ear.  She tasted the salty result of her need, caressed his finger with her tongue, flicking the tip until he ripped it back from her mouth.

“You don’t want this,” he said pushing himself again into the small of her back.  “No, you need this.  How bad do you need this?” he grinned.  

She knew her cue.  “I need this badly!  Please, don’t tease,” she begged.  

“Don’t tease?  What have you done to earn this?” he toyed. 

“Please!”, she begged again.  She knew the dance.  She loved it.  He thought he was in control.  Without a word he slammed into her and she cried out in a painful explosion of expansion.  He gripped her hair and slammed her face back down into the bed.  He pounded in, deeper and deeper until her cries became mixed with moans.  She felt the build of pressure in her pelvis.  She felt the tingles begin running from her toes up to her fingertips, and suddenly he slowed.

“Not yet,” he cooed.  He slowed even more until the rhythm mimicked a slow ocean tide, coming in and out, in and out.  Suddenly he pulled out, pulling her head up with him until she was on her knees.  He kissed her neck gently until desire took hold.  He bit down hard causing her body to shake in retaliation.  He pulled off his shirt while holding her in place by her hair.  Her eyes were beginning to water, but she didn’t know if it was from pain or pleasure.  

He swung his shirt around her neck, finally letting go of her hair.  The impulse caused her to fall forward, her face nestled back into the bed, her ass still up in the air.  He pulled tightly on the shirt, bringing her back up.

“Now shut up and take it,” he demanded as he pounded back into her.  She fell slightly back to her arms.  He pulled tightly on his shirt now holding her neck above the bed.  She moaned louder as she felt the blood rush from her face.  Her breathing intensified with every thrust into her.  The familiar tingle resumed in her toes and again the pressure was building.  With every breath the shirt got tighter, her head lighter, and the desire more intense in her body.  She felt her body begin to tremble and without warning she screamed out in complete ecstasy.   He pushed harder, deeper into her, speeding up until she could no longer hold herself up on her own.

“Come on bitch, come on, cum for me!  Stay up and cum for me!” he growled.  He gripped tighter on the shirt around her neck as she fought to stay up.  She felt his body tense behind her as he exploded.  His breath hastened as he slowed loosening his shirt.  She fell down onto the bed, an immense smile on her face as she came back down to earth from the pleasure she had just released.  He collapsed beside her, his chest beginning to slow in it’s movement.  She looked into his eyes as he came back to reality.  

He thought he was in control.  He thought he won the game, but in reality, she made the rules.  He may have the dominance, but she had the power.  She knew she ran the game, and that meant she had absolute power.  She was in control, he was just playing the game.  


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    • Blue

      People sometimes get confused on the fact that if it’s consensual then it’s not abuse. Others seem to forget that although it may look like the girl is a victim, she may actually be the total opposite. Love is love, no matter how you perceive it. Just because it may look like one party is powerless, they might actually hold all the power. For centuries women sat behind their husbands, but they still made all the decisions. Their husbands just never realized it. We have more power than we realize, we just need to know how to exert it.


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