Have you ever hated something so much that you just wanted to destroy it?  I mean full out mutilate it.  Take every ounce of it’s existence out of the world.  I’m not talking about not liking yogurt.  I’m saying truly loathing something with all of your being that you couldn’t stand it.  Actually hating something to the extent of taking time out of your day to actually plan out how you would do it.  How you would take every part of it and just destroy it until there was nothing left.  

Have you every hated something to the point that once it crosses your mind, you have to take a moment to get back to reality?  I mean really despised something to where, if the world ever became over run with zombies, you would actually hunt it down and dismember it strictly because you knew that since everyone was so worried about zombies that you would have no repercussions?

No, because if you did then the NSA would be all over this thing trying to find you and bring some “criminal mastermind” to justice before they destroyed some yogurt, and that wouldn’t be very logical now would it?


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