The Snow on the Window

She stared solemnly out the window at snow drifting down from above her garden level office.  The moisture she could see in the air was enough to freeze her from the inside.  She knew it wasn’t that cold out, but the thought of it chilled her.  She watched as the cars drove by, turning the falling snow into a whirlwind of blinding white.  Winter was almost over and it never ceased to amaze that the last of the storms were always the worst.  A never-ending cycle of freezing, snowing, melting, and freezing again starting the process all over.  Although it was a dismal sight, it was beautiful in the way that such a tiny speck of frozen water falling from the sky could cause such a huge impact when in a collective state.  Something so simple and insignificant could shut down roads, close buildings, cause accidents, freeze pipes, and kill so many different things.  A beautiful monster.  Mother Nature’s very own Madusa.  

She found herself daydreaming as those around her carried on, filling out the last of the weeks paperwork, sending out the final contracts, and readying themselves for what was surely going to be an interesting weekend.  She was isolated, however, in her own mind miles away from everyone and everything.  She was slowly forgetting herself when the familiar buzz on the desk reminded her that no one else was drifting away but herself.  She answered the phone only to be reminded that an hour from now she needed to have everything signed, dated, with t’s crossed and i’s dotted, and sent in for confirmations and approvals and whatever else it was that the people who signed her paycheck did with the things she sent to them.

Awoken from her secret life away from life she began arranging papers, getting back into the monotonous task of searching for errors, attaching files, sending the right things to the right people.  Yet in the back of her mind she was still so far away, watching a silent killer outside her office window as it prepared it’s next set of victims.  In the back of her mind she was still counting the flakes that landed in the same spot on her window.  She was still so far away and yet exactly where she was.  Her double life tucked away deep in her mind where no one could ever see it, steal it, or stifle it.  Her secret life that wasn’t even a secret at all, because her secret life didn’t even really exist.  Her secret life buried in the snow on the window.


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